Parking Guidance and Car Searching System

This system informs the drivers the parking availability before they enter the parking facility, to intelligently guide vehicles to the most convenient available parking spaces and locate their parked car.

Once a car enters a parking facility, the license plate number and the corresponding Credit Card or Octopus number are stored in the License Plate Recognition System (LPRS) database.

A Video Detector is installed on each parking bay. The Video Detector recognizes the license plate number and sends it with the location of the parked vehicle to the car searching database. Besides, the LED on the side of the Video Detector changes from green to off to let other drivers know that bay is occupied.

When the drivers present the same Octopus or credit card on the car searching enquiry machine, it asks LPRS database to find the license number. Finally matching the same license plate number from the car searching database and thus show where they parked.

System Components