SkiData APT450 Coder Unlimited Desktop

Coder Unlimited 'Desktop' is a compact, fast desktop coder for universal use that is specifi cally designed for fully automated printing and coding of RFID and barcode tickets in ISO format. The optimised integration of up to five ticket technologies in a single device ensures reliable processing of barcoded tickets (2 or 4 positions), 2 or 3-track mag stripe tickets/credit cards (1 or 2 positions), and RFID data carriers and receipts – all through the same card slot. RFID data carriers of non-standard sizes and shapes can be read and coded via the integrated antenna.

  • Reliable and economic thanks to high-speed printing of fanfold stock
  • Fraud-safe printing, coding and verification in a single processing step
  • High output speed
  • One-step erasing & labelling of Thermal ReWrite keycards
  • Thermal direct printing (blackening of a thermal layer on the card)
  • Electronic coding of 125 kHz and 13 MHz handsfree data carriers
    Prepared for acceptance of additional media such as FeliCa (RFID)
  • Integrated RFID rest (recess antenna)
  • USB interface port, till interfaces
  • High quality 300 dpi thermal print head
  • Quality-assured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards

System Components
The automated ticket feeder can draw in and cut up to two ticket types. Additional types of tickets can be fed into the device manually. Two temporary holding or issuing positions allow the device to process up to three tickets at the same time. A range of useful accessories and optional components is available to tailor the coder to individual requirements in terms of price and functionality. Potential-free inputs and outputs allow for easy, convenient integration of external tills.

SkiData Coder Unlimited Desktop