SkiData APT450.Logic

The SkiData APT 450 Parking System is more than just technology. It comprises of two concepts: “Centralization and Flexibility”. They sound so opposite, but meaningfully complement each other. Due to the flexible development system used by SKIDATA™, our Parking System will fit perfectly to your needs. The APT 450 System easily grows along with your ever-changing requirements.

The “Centralization Concept” fulfils all the central control and administration functions for your Multi-Use Car Parks at the touch of a button. Thus the APT 450 makes a valuable contribution to the efficiency and optimization of your output.

SkiData APT450 Barrier.Gate
SkiData Barrier.Gate
SkiData APT450 Coder Unlimited Desktop
SkiData Coder Unlimited Desktop
SkiData APT450 Coder Basic
SkiData Coder Basic
SkiData APT450 Column.Gate
SkiData Column.Gate
SkiData APT450 Administration Unit/Pay Station
SkiData Administration Unit/Pay Station
SkiData APT450 Credit.Cash
SkiData Credit.Cash Pay-On-Foot Station
SkiData APT450 Easy.Cash
SkiData Easy.Cash - Pay-On-Foot Station