When designing our access control system, our primary consideration is customizable to your individual requirements and easy-to-use. The most modern Technology, First Class Quality and a visually striking design describes the Hardware from SKIDATA™. Reliable operation and a long product life are ensured by the use of High Quality materials and Quality Assurance according to ISO 9001.

  • make possible various solutions through the modular and scalable system construction
  • minimize training costs though User-Friendliness
  • protect against tampering, i.e. through a locking mechanism in the Automatic Payment Machine
  • protect your investment through continuous development in high quality and innovative product
  • convey Exclusivity through User-Friendliness and ergonomic design without reduction in Functionality

SkiData Credit.Cash
SkiData Credit.Cash Pay-On-Foot Station
SkiData Power.Gate
SkiData Power.Gate
SkiData Barrier.Gate
SkiData Barrier.Gate